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Lakewood Villa is a premier residential care facility offering senior care and assisted living in Sacramento, California. Although many assisted living facilities are in Sacramento, you probably want a place for mom where she can feel safe, warm and loved. Lakewood Villa has staff onsite 24/7 to provide the assisted senior living and senior care to make mom comfortable in the Autumn of her days. Call (916) 682-2867 for a tour of our residential care facility.

How is Lakewood Villa different from other senior care facilities?

Posted By on October 22, 2017

What sets Lakewood Villa apart from other senior care home facilities?

At Lakewood Villa, we believe that the people who take care of your loved ones should be highly skilled and educated. We provide year-long training. We invest in the continuing education of our care staff. We currently have on board caregivers that hold nursing degrees, administrator’s certificates, CNAs, and Activity Leader Certifications. With the winning combination of a compassionate and highly skilled care staff, you can have confidence that your loved ones will get the care they deserve at Lakewood Villa.

Lakewood Villa is not the only senior care facility. Why would I bring mom here? Why not keep her at home?

  • We are able to provide 24-hour care. Family members and some smaller senior care home facilities are not able to provide this. In cases where mom has been diagnosed with dementia, that could be a critical point.
  • We provide senior care 7 days a week. This includes holidays.
  • We carefully monitor every single need that they have. The medical needs are especially crucial. Not only in terms of providing medical care, but in being proactive enough to sense that they would be in need of some medical assistance. Mom and Dad can get better care in a structured scenario than could find at home. You love mom. We love our jobs. We take care of senior citizens 24/7.
Lakewood Villa can help. Call (916) 682-2867 or visit http://lakewoodvillacarehome.com/assisted-living-in-sacramento/ today.

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Lakewood Villa asks: Where is your mom spending the night?

Posted By on January 22, 2018

Where is your mom spending the night, Lakewood Villa asks

Lakewood Villa asks: Where is your mom spending the night?

Lakewood Villa asks: Where is your mom spending the night?

Will it be in a place where she can feel safe and secure? Are there locks and alarms? Is a fire station nearby and does the fire station staff know your mom is in the neighborhood? If mom is spending the night at Lakewood Villa, the answers would all be YES!

You need to set high expectations here. Your mom is not young and agile like you are. She probably needs to know that she is safe and secure before turning out the lights. She needs to know someone is there to help in case something happens. If she fell and cried out: “Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”! Would someone hear her?

Do you assume your parents are as self-sufficient as they were 20 years ago? 30 years ago? Times change. Bodies change. Climbing stairs, preparing meals and keeping track of details is not as easy as it used to be. You need to find somewhere that mom can stay and have her needs met. Lakewood Villa can help. Call (916) 682-2867 or visit http://lakewoodvillacarehome.com/assisted-living-in-sacramento/ today.

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What does the Lakewood Villa admission process look like?

Posted By on January 21, 2018

Knowing Lakewood Villa’s admission process will make life easier

Gerard Hojilla is the administrator of Lakewood Villa

Gerard Hojilla is the administrator of Lakewood Villa

You should become familiar with the Lakewood Villa admission process in advance. This will help make the transition smoother and faster. Here are the steps:

  1. If your loved ones are not able to make decisions for themselves, get started on the Durable Power of Attorney. At some point, you will need this document. Someone will have to make some very responsible decisions regarding your loved ones’ care.
  2. Call Lakewood Villa at (916) 682-2867 for a tour. You can meet the administrator and the care staff. Make a list of all your questions and concerns. We will be happy to address all.
  3. Start the Resident Assessment Process by meeting the Administrator of Lakewood Villa. We need to be able to meet and physically see your loved ones. We can evaluate their physical condition, mental state, medication and medical history. The assessment process is an important step. It helps determine if your loved ones are a good fit for Lakewood Villa. It also determines if our facility is a good fit for them.
  4. You have to be open and honest about all the background information you are providing. We want to make sure we really are a good fit. What your loved one needs is within what we can provide..
  5. The Assessment Process is a very, very important step in the whole admissions process. You should make sure the facility administrator does a thorough assessment up front. This will avert a big surprise down the road.
  6. If we both decide that Lakewood Villa is the right place for your loved ones, we determine the move-in date. Prior to move-in, we brief you on some of the important papers we would need upon admission:
    1. Physician’s Report (LIC 602A). The California Department of Community Care Licensing mandates all care home facilities to have this upon admitting a resident. That particular physician’s report form must be completed and signed by their physician. It documents the loved one’s physical condition, mental condition and TB-clearance (tuberculosis). Your loved one has to be clear of TB before spending the first night here.
    2. Emergency Contact Form. This details the family emergency contacts. Who do we call in case of emergency? Who is the primary care doctor? Which hospital should we take them to in case of emergency?
    3. Admissions Agreement form. This includes a description of all items and services included in the basic rate. This includes facility policies and procedures, conditions for termination of the agreement and a copy of residents’ rights specified by law or regulation.
  7. You also need to have their medications in place. We request at least a two-week supply of your loved one’s medications. We need this the minute they walk into the Lakewood Villa facility.

Lakewood Villa can help. Call (916) 682-2867 or visit http://lakewoodvillacarehome.com/assisted-living-in-sacramento/ today.

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Lakewood Villa has a yummy menu in November

Posted By on January 20, 2018

Yummy meals are prepared onsite at Lakewood Villa


Lakewood Villa has published its menu for November, 2012. You may download and read it in MS Excel format by clicking Menu-LakewoodVilla.

Meals are prepared on site by our highly trained culinary staff. November is one of our residents’ favorite times of the year. We feel that is because of the wonderful creations our staff creates with an Autumn theme.

Where to get the menu

The November menu is available by clicking Menu-LakewoodVilla.

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Great senior care means being on good terms with the local fire department

Posted By on January 19, 2018

Senior care facility is 42 seconds away from fire station

Senior care facility 42 seconds away from fire station

Lakewood Villa is 42 seconds away from the local fire station. EMTs can get here quickly. EMTs have easy access.

The senior care facility where your loved ones reside should be close to a fire station. Lakewood Villa is close to the local fire station. They have fire fighters and EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians) available 24 hours a day. If something happens, we can call 911 and get an EMT here within 42 seconds. The fire station is literally right down the street.

Not only are they nearby, but we are also on good terms with them. We include the local fire station staff in our Thanksgiving celebrations. We make sure they get goodies after Christmas, Easter and many other special events. They know who we are and we know who they are. It’s part of being a good neighbor.

How far away?

As you look at where mom is staying these days, ask how far away the closest fire station and EMTs are. Ask if they know your senior citizen mom is nearby. Ask how they would get to her quickly in an emergency. Ask if you have a door wide enough for their gurneys. Ask if they can get to your bedrooms without marching through mud or up stairs. Ask if someone on the street can find your home easily, after dark. Lakewood Villa can help. Call (916) 682-2867 or visit http://lakewoodvillacarehome.com/assisted-living-in-sacramento/ today.

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Lakewood Villa letter of thanks #4

Posted By on January 18, 2018

Lakewood Villa is a happy place for mom

We have several success stories because of the care that we provide. They come to Lakewood Villa with a variety of needs and we see them pretty much in a better and happier state than when they walked in. That is success. Success would be getting all those letters from families thanking us for providing a loving, nurturing and safe environment for their loved ones. The gestures from the families, just thanking us for the little things that we do, is success. This content is from http://lakewoodvillacarehome.com/assisted-living-in-sacramento/.

Testimonial #4

“Dearest wonderful Lakewood Villa staff,

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the mindful care you gave our guy, (name *). You are all TOPS in our book. The best. The very best.

God bless all of you now and always.

With love and care

The family of (name *)”

Lakewood Villa Letter of Love #4

Lakewood Villa Letter of Thanks #4

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Assisted Living Help: 5 Easy Steps to Simplify Your Life

Posted By on January 17, 2018

Assisted Living: 5 Easy Steps to Simplify Your Life

Special thanks to Ann Mullen for granting permission to republish http://blog.sequoiaseniorsolutions.com/blog/bid/324255/Senior-Care-5-Easy-Steps-to-Simplify-Your-Life. This applies to folks living in an assisted living home, or working at an assisted living home.

Mom will feel safe, warm and loved at our assisted living homeYou are running behind and you can’t find your other shoe. Again. And, of course, it’s in the last place you look. By now you are running very behind and you can’t find your keys. Again. Does this sound like your life? Whether you are a senior, a senior caregiver or in your early twenties, stress happens when things get out of hand at home or at work. One of the easiest ways to unclutter and distress your life is to simplify your life. There are several ways to make this happen. Let’s take a look at how to deal with an overwhelming amount of belongings in your home first.

ONE: Do your belongs belong to you or do you belong to them?

If your home is in a mess, then this has a direct impact on how you feel and the way you react to things. Once you have a messy home it is so easy to let this clutter add up even more. You will start to feel down and you will have no motivation to get up to clean, which means even more mess on top of the previous geologic levels.

Action Steps: Choose one area of your home to work on at a time. Start with one room, or even one counter top, and go through everything. If there are items that you hardly ever use them pack them into a box. Do the same with papers and books. If they have become dust bunnies, then get rid of them.

If you feel bad about throwing certain things away find a large box and use it as a donation box. Give these items to a local charity, homeless shelter or home. Another option is to hold a garage sale and sell off these belongings. You can also do the old three box technique–one to keep, one to think about and one to trash. More than likely the things in the “think about” box will be the ones you can give away.

TWO: Don’t try to do everything by yourself

Simplifying your life also applies to mental and physical tasks as well. This includes trying to be a person that does everything for everyone all of the time. The pressure and stress will eventually catch up to you and you will come to a breaking point. Either you will simmer until you throw a tantrum and say things you will wish you could take back or you will get resentful and unloving.

Action Steps: Take action before this happens by learning how to delegate tasks. This can apply to things at work and at home. Quite often your boss keeps giving you additional responsibilities and doesn’t realize that you have become totally overworked and overwhelmed unless you tell him. Your family doesn’t realize that all you do for them is making you resentful unless you tell them before you blow.

THREE: Where did the time go and what did I do with it?

It is important for you to know where your time goes. This one thing can really help you simplify your life. For example, if you spend a huge amount of time on car pooling then look for ways to reduce this. If you make frequent trips to the store, consider creating a list and going less often.

Action Steps: Keep a journal for a week and see how much time you spend on certain things. Ask for help with tasks that take too long.

FOUR: Don’t wait for New Year’s–start some new habits now

Make a commitment to yourself to start a new habit. Research has shown that it takes about 21 days to form a new habit. That really isn’t that long and you can easily cross off 21 days on your calendar quickly.

Action Steps: Perhaps the habit should be one where you clean every day for 15 minutes and you intend to set your alarm to start and stop. You might find you have a few more minutes you want to spend cleaning. Other ideas for new habits include finding homes for all the items on your desk and in your rooms at home. This includes the kitchen, the bathroom and your bedroom. Vow to create a filing system for your bills so they don’t end up pinned to your fridge or strewn all over you counter tops.

Forming new habits can apply to multiple areas of your life including trying to get fit and drop a few pounds or trying to stop smoking. All of these things can cause you more undue stress and taking action and accomplishing something can make you feel like a million bucks.

FIVE: Use that Smartphone the smart way

Are you taking advantage of technology? If not you are missing out when it comes to simplifying your life. Most people today have a computer and at least one type of mobile device. There are plenty of Apps or applications that can be used to make life easier in so many different areas.

Action Steps: Download Apps such as calendars, grocery list, food planners and journals, online notebooks and more. Many Apps can be synched with your entire family’s mobile devices and computers. This way you can have a family calendar that is always up to date. As soon as someone adds something to it the calendar will be updated across all devices. Why keep track of medicines in a book or on your computer when you might need to have that information in an emergency? There is a smartphone app for that.

Your turn

As you can see it is fairly easy to simplify your life by putting a few small action steps into place. Get started by selecting at least one and following through with it. Which one did you pick to start with?

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What activities will mom find at an assisted living home?

Posted By on January 16, 2018

Mom should find many activities at her assisted living home. Here’s what’s happening at Lakewood Villa

Fun activities are very important at an assisted living home. Music is a great part of the Lakewood Villa activities calendar. We found that music is the one activity a lot of the residents enjoy. They love to sing! We also have enough room to do ballroom dancing in our Great Room. Dancing is a great form of exercise, too.

We have arts and crafts for the ladies. Sometimes gentlemen like to participate. Bingo is always a big hit. Everyone seems to have so much fun playing.

Lakewood Villa has a creative and engaging staff member. She is a certified activities leader and is responsible for organizing and evaluating our activities. She makes sure our program is appropriately designed to meet our residents’ needs.

Lakewood Villa has tons of assisted living activities, including dancing

Lakewood Villa has tons of assisted living activities, including dancing

How do you lead up to a holiday?

Whenever a holiday approaches, we make it a big deal for our assisted living residents. It’s not only that holiday, but it is also the week leading to that holiday. The activities, crafts and decorations are more geared towards that upcoming holiday.

A few years back at Christmastime, we had volunteer students from a local grade school visit our assisted living home. They went around and they talked to our residents. They interviewed them, asked them what they liked and what fond memories they held. Each student focused on one resident. They ended up creating Christmas tree ornaments for each of the residents, based on their interview with them. One of our residents said he loves scooters. The girl who interviewed him made a Christmas ornament that had a drawing of a scooter. It was so neat and so personalized. It feels great to do those kinds of things. It involves both our assisted living community and the community around us. Lakewood Villa can help. Call (916) 682-2867 or visit http://lakewoodvillacarehome.com/assisted-living-in-sacramento/ today.

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Mom can go to the mall, if she lives at Lakewood Villa

Posted By on January 15, 2018

How often does your mom go out? Lakewood Villa can take residents to the mall

Sometimes, old people stay inside too often. They become less active and their health deteriorates. They don’t have anything to stimulate them or keep them active. It is sad but true.

That’s not how it is at Lakewood Villa. We have a minivan and can take residents to the mall. Sometimes they don’t have to buy anything at the mall, they just want to go and be social. It is very stimulating. Sometimes small things like trips to the mall can have a big impact. We can schedule and conduct regular trips, weather permitting, of course.

That is part of what we do at Lakewood Villa and it is something you should expect from mom’s senior care home. Lakewood Villa can help. Call (916) 682-2867 or visit http://lakewoodvillacarehome.com/assisted-living-in-sacramento/ today.

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When Sacramento gets hot, mom is safer at an assisted living home

Posted By on January 13, 2018

Mom is safer in an assisted living home

When it gets hot, mom will be safer in an assisted living homeAs I write this, weather forecasters are predicting more blistering 100+ temperatures for the Sacramento region this week. Everybody has to take cover. That includes your elderly parent, who may or may not be in a safe and cool place. With all other factors being equal, an assisted living home is a safer place for mom, compared to her private residence. Staff helps maintain a safe environment that shields senior citizens from weather extremes. You cannot leave mom home alone when the weather turns extreme. Mom is not as agile and self-sufficient as she once was.

I interviewed Vixcent Villaluna of Lakewood Villa (http://lakewoodvillacarehome.com/assisted-living-in-sacramento/) for this article.

Mark: A senior citizen near Phoenix died from heat exhaustion yesterday. It was on the news. He stayed inside to avoid the blistering sun, but his home became too hot. Seniors die from heat exhaustion every year because they think they are safe.

Vixcent. Yes. The heat is partly to blame. Dehydration is also partly to blame. People don’t drink enough water. Those of us who are healthy do not drink enough water. Imagine a senior citizen who is not as mobile as she once was. Getting to the kitchen sink could be a major ordeal.

Mark: Vixcent. We’re making a bold claim here. With summertime heat, you are saying an assisted living home is a safer place for mom. How so?

Vixcent: We all remember hot summers. Stay out of the sun. Wear sunscreen. Drink extra water. These are all precautions we take to endure the heat. Stay cool and wait for the threat to pass.

Assisted living is safer

Vixcent. Getting back to business, here is why mom would be better off in an assisted living home, compared to her private residence, when it gets hot outside.

  • Someone has to monitor weather reports and forecasts on TV and the Internet. Someone has to make this a priority when heat waves approach. Assisted living staff monitors weather forecasts. It is part of their jobs.
  • The facility has to be ready. Make sure the A/C and refrigerator are working. Make sure the blinds can be closed to keep out the sun. Make sure the windows can be opened at night. Make sure some fans are available. This is part of what an assisted living home staff does. If mom lives by herself, who would do this?
  • Someone has to make sure everybody is hydrated. We need 96 ounces of water every day. More so when it is hot. If mom is not as mobile as she used to be, she will need someone nearby to make sure she is getting enough liquids. That is part of what assisted living staffers do.

If your mom is living alone at home, she may not be prepared for the heat. She may end up suffering from heat exhaustion because the heat was a big surprise. She was not prepared. Her environment was not prepared. Sad but true, people die from hot weather. If your mom were at an assisted living facility, someone would be monitoring the weather and helping residents endure. It is a safer scenario.

This is one example of how the staff at mom’s assisted living home provides a safe and secure environment. It is probably much safer than asking mom to live alone at home.

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Lakewood Villa staff know their residents well

Posted By on January 12, 2018

Lakewood Villa staff and residents know each other well

Lakewood Villa residents and staff are on a first name basis

Lakewood Villa residents and staff are on a first name basis

Some assisted care facilities are too small and some are too large. Some are just right. When you visit Lakewood Villa, you will find the facility has the right size. It is not too large and it is not too small. Since Lakewood Villa is the right size, staff get to know the residents very well.

Staff really does care enough about residents to learn their names and build a high level of trust. Staffing levels enable staff to spend quality time with your loved ones and get to know them, their lives and their likes. It helps create an atmosphere where your mom will feel safe, loved and warm.

When you visit facilities, ask if the facility has the right mix. Ask if they are small enough so staff knows every resident well. Ask if they are large enough to proactively manage a facility large enough to house 18 senior citizens. Lakewood Villa can help. Call (916) 682-2867 or visit http://lakewoodvillacarehome.com/assisted-living-in-sacramento/ today.

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