5 things that would change if mom ran her assisted living home

Posted By on November 30, 2017

If mom ran the assisted living home…

What sets Lakewood Villa apart from other assisted living facilities?Ever wonder what mom’s assisted living community would look like if the residents were in charge? New York Times blogger Judith Graham got a pretty good idea when she asked Martin Bayne that question.

Byrne is a big advocate for people in assisted living. He writes a blog called The Voice of Aging Boomers from his home in a Pennsylvania assisted living home. Bayne has been living with Parkinson’s disease for 18 years.

What Would Martin Bayne Do?

Bayne says he would do 5 things if he ran an assisted living community:

  1. Focus on passion. When a prospective resident came to visit, Bayne would sit him or her down with 10 other residents. That group would ask a few questions. “What’s your passion? What motivates you? What’s your mission in life?” If the guest didn’t have an answer to those questions, the community would not accept him or her as a resident. “We want a community that is alive,” Bayne says.
  2. Establish a welcoming committee. The committee would treat the new resident like royalty. “We’d show you that we care about you,” he says.
  3. Give every resident a job. “No matter how seemingly insignificant, you’d have responsibilities every day,” he says. “And the emphasis wouldn’t be on you, the emphasis would be on the community.”
  4. Bring residents together every week in a peer group. “We’d meet to discuss anything that people think is important,” he says. “There wouldn’t be a leader. We’d just sit together and sometimes cry, sometimes laugh.”
  5. Involve everyone in activities. These wouldn’t be activities that “take up time while you wait for death,” says Bayne. Instead, the activities would “make you think and respond and use your brain.” Those activities might include making calls to shut-ins or reading to children who have disabilities. “We want you busy, productive, happy,” he says. “We want people to feel, ‘I’m alive.’”

Reprinted from www.leadingage.org.
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