Mom’s assisted living home should be close to the fire station and EMTs

Posted By on December 4, 2017

The fire station and EMTs are 42 seconds away from Lakewood Villa’s assisted living home

Mom's assisted living home should be close to the fire station and EMTs

If your mom slipped and fell, and you called 911, how long would it take for EMTs to get to her home? After they arrive, would they know how to get in the door and to her room? Do they know what meds she takes regularly? Can they look in a 3-ring binder and learn of her health history before putting her in the ambulance? Probably not.

You need to know these answers before something happens. If you are checking out assisted living homes, you should ask.

Although her home is where mom feels most comfortable and loved, it probably is not set up to help EMTs if they need emergency access. They would hunt for the door with easiest access for a stretcher. They would look for medical information. They would need this information before administering any meds unilaterally.

At Lakewood Villa, mom will benefit from our assisted living home’s close proximity. The closest fire station is just 42 seconds away. They know who Lakewood Villa is and who lives here. Staff is on very good terms with them.  They know how to find the side entrances that will help them get to our residents quickly in case an emergency arose. We keep a file on all our residents. This file has the medicine and health information the EMTs request when they make emergency calls. This is what an assisted living home should do. Being close to the fire station and EMTs…is just one benefit of having mom stay at Lakewood Villa. Call (916) 682-2867 today. This content is from

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Vixcent Villaluna is the Licensee of Lakewood Villa, a premier residential care facility offering senior care and assisted living in Sacramento, California. Although many assisted living facilities are in Sacramento, you probably want a place for mom where she can feel safe, warm and loved. Lakewood Villa has staff onsite 24/7 to provide the assisted living and senior care to make mom comfortable in the Autumn of her days. Visit or call (916) 682-2867 today for a tour of our residential care home.


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