Assisted living is a safer solution for mom

Posted By on October 31, 2017

Assisted living is a much safer solution for mom

You should check out an assisted living home for mom.

An assisted living home is probably safer than mom's current environment

An assisted living home is probably safer than mom’s current environment

Lakewood Villa is probably safer than mom’s current home. Maybe this is her situation. Mom has been living alone for 10 years. She thinks she is safe, but the neighborhood is changing. People are coming home from work and finding their homes have been ransacked. The neighborhood that used to be safe above question is no longer safe.

Even if your neighborhood “is safe,” the troublemakers have cars. They can easily drive 20 or 30 miles to find a place that looks nice. They can find homes with nice, green lawn. They can find homes where people don’t lock the doors. Troublemakers are hungry and desperate.

What would mom do if a burglar entered in the middle of the day? Mom weighs 110 pounds. Most troublemakers on the TV news appear bigger and stronger than mom. She is getting terrified and feeling less secure in her home of 40 years.  She needs assisted living.

Can your mom move in with you? Are you at home 24/7 and able to fend off a troublemaker? Can you make your home so secure that a troublemaker would look and keep on walking, looking for an easier score? Probably not.

Lakewood Villa can help. Our assisted living home has staff onsite 24/7. They lock the doors and do rounds. They have intrusion and fire alarms. You can’t even open a window here without a chime or an alarm going off. The fire station is 42 seconds away. Lakewood Villa staff is on very good terms with the fire department staff. The firemen know who resides at Lakewood Villa. They know we are an assisted living home. They know how to get to the building and its elderly residents quickly, in case an emergency arose. Lakewood Villa can help. Call (916) 682-2867 or visit today.

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Vixcent Villaluna is the Licensee of Lakewood Villa, a premier residential care facility offering senior care and assisted living in Sacramento, California. Although many assisted living facilities are in Sacramento, you probably want a place for mom where she can feel safe, warm and loved. Lakewood Villa has staff onsite 24/7 to provide the assisted living and senior care to make mom comfortable in the Autumn of her days. Visit or call (916) 682-2867 today for a tour of our residential care home.


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