Lakewood Villa asks: Where is your mom spending the night?

| January 22, 2018

Where is your mom spending the night, Lakewood Villa asks Will it be in a place where she can feel safe and secure? Are there locks and alarms? Is a fire station nearby and does the fire station staff know your mom is in the neighborhood? If mom is spending the night at Lakewood Villa, […]

What does the Lakewood Villa admission process look like?

| January 21, 2018

Knowing Lakewood Villa’s admission process will make life easier You should become familiar with the Lakewood Villa admission process in advance. This will help make the transition smoother and faster. Here are the steps: If your loved ones are not able to make decisions for themselves, get started on the Durable Power of Attorney. At […]

Lakewood Villa has a yummy menu in November

| January 20, 2018

Yummy meals are prepared onsite at Lakewood Villa   Lakewood Villa has published its menu for November, 2012. You may download and read it in MS Excel format by clicking Menu-LakewoodVilla. Meals are prepared on site by our highly trained culinary staff. November is one of our residents’ favorite times of the year. We feel that […]

Great senior care means being on good terms with the local fire department

| January 19, 2018

Senior care facility is 42 seconds away from fire station The senior care facility where your loved ones reside should be close to a fire station. Lakewood Villa is close to the local fire station. They have fire fighters and EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians) available 24 hours a day. If something happens, we can call […]

Lakewood Villa letter of thanks #4

| January 18, 2018

Lakewood Villa is a happy place for mom We have several success stories because of the care that we provide. They come to Lakewood Villa with a variety of needs and we see them pretty much in a better and happier state than when they walked in. That is success. Success would be getting all […]

Assisted Living Help: 5 Easy Steps to Simplify Your Life

| January 17, 2018

Assisted Living: 5 Easy Steps to Simplify Your Life Special thanks to Ann Mullen for granting permission to republish This applies to folks living in an assisted living home, or working at an assisted living home. You are running behind and you can’t find your other shoe. Again. And, of course, it’s in the last […]

What activities will mom find at an assisted living home?

| January 16, 2018

Mom should find many activities at her assisted living home. Here’s what’s happening at Lakewood Villa Fun activities are very important at an assisted living home. Music is a great part of the Lakewood Villa activities calendar. We found that music is the one activity a lot of the residents enjoy. They love to sing! We […]

Mom can go to the mall, if she lives at Lakewood Villa

| January 15, 2018

How often does your mom go out? Lakewood Villa can take residents to the mall Sometimes, old people stay inside too often. They become less active and their health deteriorates. They don’t have anything to stimulate them or keep them active. It is sad but true. That’s not how it is at Lakewood Villa. We […]

When Sacramento gets hot, mom is safer at an assisted living home

| January 13, 2018

Mom is safer in an assisted living home As I write this, weather forecasters are predicting more blistering 100+ temperatures for the Sacramento region this week. Everybody has to take cover. That includes your elderly parent, who may or may not be in a safe and cool place. With all other factors being equal, an […]

Lakewood Villa staff know their residents well

| January 12, 2018

Lakewood Villa staff and residents know each other well Some assisted care facilities are too small and some are too large. Some are just right. When you visit Lakewood Villa, you will find the facility has the right size. It is not too large and it is not too small. Since Lakewood Villa is the […]