Temps are rising again in Sacramento. High temperatures are trouble for the elderly

Posted By on January 3, 2018

When it gets hot, the elderly will be safer in an assisted living homeHigh temps can be trouble for the elderly

Every time the temperatures soar and remain high, I think about the elderly. Seniors do not regulate their body temperature like they once did. As we age, our body systems slow. Our ability to sweat is reduced. We are unable to cool our bodies as we overheat. Add illnesses, medications that impair temperature regulation, and lack of sufficient fluid intake to a slowing body and mom could have a tough time with the heat. An elderly person is much more susceptible to dehydration, heat exhaustion and heat stroke.
If you have an elderly relative or neighbor please check on them frequently this weekend. If they have no air conditioning and you have a fan you can spare, share it. The fan will help mom remain cool. Keep curtains or shades closed to reduce the heat from direct sun. Encourage light clothing, and increased fluids. Try and keep mom’s activity to a minimum and her time outdoors brief.

Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate

When fluid intake is insufficient, you can provide foods with high water content in exchange. Watermelon, cucumbers, peaches, and other fruits and vegetables have fluid content between 80% and 98%. Soups, sorbets, and sherbet also have a high fluid content. Choose low sodium soups, and desserts. Choose sugar free if mom is diabetic.
Some elderly folks have an ordered fluid restriction. They are at risk for fluid overload complications. If that’s the case call the physician for advice on fluid intake during a heat spell.

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