Lakewood Villa is close to the fire station

Posted By on December 12, 2017

The fire station is 42 seconds from Lakewood Villa

The closest fire station is 42 seconds away from Lakewood Villa. Mom will feel safe, warm and loved at our assisted living facility. Your mom’s home should be close to a fire station.

Lakewood Villa is close to the local fire station. They have fire fighters and EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians) available 24 hours a day. If something happens, we can call 911 and get an EMT here in 42 seconds. The fire station is literally right down the street. Not only are they nearby, but we are also on good terms with them.

We include the local fire station staff in our Thanksgiving celebrations and make sure they get goodies after Christmas, Easter and many other special events. It’s part of being a good neighbor. As you look at where mom is staying these days, ask how far away the closest fire station and EMTs are. Ask if they know your senior citizen mom is nearby and how they would get to her quickly in an emergency. Ask yourself if you have a file showing her meds. Lakewood Villa can help. Call (916) 682-2867 or visit today.

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Vixcent Villaluna is the Licensee of Lakewood Villa, a premier residential care facility offering senior care and assisted living in Sacramento, California. Although many assisted living facilities are in Sacramento, you probably want a place for mom where she can feel safe, warm and loved. Lakewood Villa has staff onsite 24/7 to provide the assisted living and senior care to make mom comfortable in the Autumn of her days. Visit or call (916) 682-2867 today for a tour of our residential care home.


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