How do you get mom into an assisted living home?

Posted By on November 23, 2017

An assisted living home for mom

How do you get mom into an assisted living home? Ask Gerard Hojilla
When you decide to put mom in an assisted living home, you should become familiar with the admission process. That will help make the transition smoother and faster. Every assisted living home does things their own way. Here are the steps we follow at Lakewood Villa:

  1. If your loved ones are not able to make decisions for themselves, get started on the Durable Power of Attorney. At some point, you will need this document. Someone will have to make some very responsible decisions regarding your loved ones’ care. That includes a very big decision. Should you put mom in an assisted living home?
  2. Call Lakewood Villa at (916) 682-2867 for a tour. You can meet the administrator and the care staff in person. Make a list of all your questions and concerns. We will be happy to address all of them.
  3. Start the Resident Assessment Process. Meet the Administrator of the assisted living home. We need to be able to meet and physically see your loved ones. We can evaluate their physical condition, mental state, medication and medical history. The assessment process is an important step. It helps us determine if your loved ones are a good fit for our assisted living home. It helps you determine if our assisted living home is a good fit for mom.
  4. You have to be open and honest about all the background information. We want to make sure we really are a good fit. We want to make sure that your loved ones’ needs are within what we can provide. 
  5. The Assessment Process is a very, very important step in the whole admissions process. You should make sure the facility administrator does a thorough assessment up front. If that does not happen, you could be in for a big surprise down the road.
  6. If we both decide that Lakewood Villa is the right place for your loved ones, we determine the move-in date. Prior to move-in, we brief you on some of the important papers we would need upon admission:
    1. Physician’s Report (LIC 602A). The California Department of Community Care Licensing actually mandates all care home facilities to have this upon admitting a resident. That particular physician’s report form must be completed and signed by their physician. It documents the loved one’s physical condition, mental condition and TB-clearance (tuberculosis). Your loved one has to be clear of TB before spending the first night here.
    2. Emergency Contact Form. This details the family emergency contacts. Who do we call in case of emergency? Who is the primary care doctor? Which hospital do you prefer for us to take them to in case of emergency?
    3. Admissions Agreement form. This includes a description of all items and services included in the basic rate. This covers the facility policies and procedures, conditions for termination of the agreement and a copy of residents’ rights specified by law or regulation.
  7. You also need to have their medications in place. We request at least a two-week supply of your loved one’s medications the minute they walk into the facility.

Lakewood Villa can help. Call (916) 682-2867 or visit today.

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Vixcent Villaluna is the Licensee of Lakewood Villa, a premier residential care facility offering senior care and assisted living in Sacramento, California. Although many assisted living facilities are in Sacramento, you probably want a place for mom where she can feel safe, warm and loved. Lakewood Villa has staff onsite 24/7 to provide the assisted living and senior care to make mom comfortable in the Autumn of her days. Visit or call (916) 682-2867 today for a tour of our residential care home.


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