When Sacramento gets hot, mom is safer at an assisted living home

Posted By on January 13, 2018

Mom is safer in an assisted living home

When it gets hot, mom will be safer in an assisted living homeAs I write this, weather forecasters are predicting more blistering 100+ temperatures for the Sacramento region this week. Everybody has to take cover. That includes your elderly parent, who may or may not be in a safe and cool place. With all other factors being equal, an assisted living home is a safer place for mom, compared to her private residence. Staff helps maintain a safe environment that shields senior citizens from weather extremes. You cannot leave mom home alone when the weather turns extreme. Mom is not as agile and self-sufficient as she once was.

I interviewed Vixcent Villaluna of Lakewood Villa (http://lakewoodvillacarehome.com/assisted-living-in-sacramento/) for this article.

Mark: A senior citizen near Phoenix died from heat exhaustion yesterday. It was on the news. He stayed inside to avoid the blistering sun, but his home became too hot. Seniors die from heat exhaustion every year because they think they are safe.

Vixcent. Yes. The heat is partly to blame. Dehydration is also partly to blame. People don’t drink enough water. Those of us who are healthy do not drink enough water. Imagine a senior citizen who is not as mobile as she once was. Getting to the kitchen sink could be a major ordeal.

Mark: Vixcent. We’re making a bold claim here. With summertime heat, you are saying an assisted living home is a safer place for mom. How so?

Vixcent: We all remember hot summers. Stay out of the sun. Wear sunscreen. Drink extra water. These are all precautions we take to endure the heat. Stay cool and wait for the threat to pass.

Assisted living is safer

Vixcent. Getting back to business, here is why mom would be better off in an assisted living home, compared to her private residence, when it gets hot outside.

  • Someone has to monitor weather reports and forecasts on TV and the Internet. Someone has to make this a priority when heat waves approach. Assisted living staff monitors weather forecasts. It is part of their jobs.
  • The facility has to be ready. Make sure the A/C and refrigerator are working. Make sure the blinds can be closed to keep out the sun. Make sure the windows can be opened at night. Make sure some fans are available. This is part of what an assisted living home staff does. If mom lives by herself, who would do this?
  • Someone has to make sure everybody is hydrated. We need 96 ounces of water every day. More so when it is hot. If mom is not as mobile as she used to be, she will need someone nearby to make sure she is getting enough liquids. That is part of what assisted living staffers do.

If your mom is living alone at home, she may not be prepared for the heat. She may end up suffering from heat exhaustion because the heat was a big surprise. She was not prepared. Her environment was not prepared. Sad but true, people die from hot weather. If your mom were at an assisted living facility, someone would be monitoring the weather and helping residents endure. It is a safer scenario.

This is one example of how the staff at mom’s assisted living home provides a safe and secure environment. It is probably much safer than asking mom to live alone at home.

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