Lakewood Villa is prepared to handle an emergency

| September 15, 2017

Are you prepared to handle an emergency? Lakewood Villa is This could happen to you. Maybe it already has. You and your mother are watching TV. All of a sudden, she slips, falls and complains: “ I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.” What do you do? You call 911 and tell them your address. EMTs arrive. […]

Mom’s assisted living home should have highly trained staff

| September 14, 2017

Staff training is a big deal at assisted living homes We cannot speak for others, but at our assisted living home, the staff is highly trained. Most are cross trained. The State of California imposes mandates for staff training. All assisted living homes must meet those mandates and keep the paperwork on site to prove […]

Assisted living licensee asks: Where is your mom spending the night?

| September 13, 2017

Where is your mom spending the night, asks an assisted living home licensee If your mom lives in an assisted living home, you will know this answer. If not, you should ask. Will your mom spend the night in a place where she can feel safe and secure? Are there locks and alarms? Is a […]

What does the Lakewood Villa admission process look like?

| September 12, 2017

You should become familiar with the Lakewood Villa admission process in advance This will help make the transition smoother and faster. Here are the steps: If your loved ones are not able to make decisions for themselves, get started on the Durable Power of Attorney. At some point, you will need this document. Someone will […]

Great senior care means being on good terms with the local fire department

| September 11, 2017

Senior care facility is 42 seconds away from fire station The senior care facility where your loved ones reside should be close to a fire station. Lakewood Villa is close to the local fire station. They have fire fighters and EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians) available 24 hours a day. If something happens, we can call […]

Can your mom’s assisted living home pass your innate quality control litmus test?

| September 10, 2017

Visit your mom’s assisted living home and run an innate quality control litmus test When you’re looking for an assisted living home where mom will feel safe, comfortable and loved, you will find a wide variety of options. While touring them, ask if they meet your innate quality control litmus test. Everybody has an innate […]

Lakewood Villa letter of thanks #3

| September 9, 2017

Lakewood Villa is a happy place for mom We have several success stories because of the care that we provide. They come to Lakewood Villa with a variety of needs and we see them pretty much in a better and happier state than when they walked in. That is success. Success would be getting all […]

Lakewood Villa is a safe place for mom

| September 8, 2017

Lakewood Villa is very safe Where is your mom spending the night? Will it be in a place where she can feel safe, warm and loved? Are there locks and alarms? Is a fire station nearby and does the fire station staff know your mom is in the neighborhood? You need to set high expectations here. Your […]

Assisted living is a safer solution for mom

| September 7, 2017

Assisted living is a much safer solution for mom You should check out an assisted living home for mom. Lakewood Villa is probably safer than mom’s current home. Maybe this is her situation. Mom has been living alone for 10 years. She thinks she is safe, but the neighborhood is changing. People are coming home from work […]

Sacramento assisted living facility asks if you are ready for this…

| September 6, 2017

Mom needs an assisted living facility You got a call at midnight. Your mom had a stroke. Mom was in the hospital, again. This time it was the ICU. Doctors said she would be discharged within a week, but she won’t be able to walk as much as she used to walk. She will also […]